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Shion Art
Margaret River, WA

 Originally from a small town in northern Italy, my younger years were spent reading, drawing, painting, photographing and volunteering at a local community cinema. These passions combined when I opened a comic shop, Shion Art (the name I use to sign my paintings), which I ran until immigrating to Australia in 2013. 

My move to the artistically and culturally active region of Margaret River reignited my love for watercolour painting and, inspired by some friendly local artists and the region itself, I started challenging myself to try working with other media, formats and techniques. 

With the exception of some early amateur watercolour courses in Italy, I am entirely self-taught, so my artistic style is in constant evolution as I explore new ideas and learn new techniques. 

My subjects, for the most part though, remain the depiction of the human form in movement, in all its beauty and expressivity, in particular, dancers and musicians as they go about their own art. 

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