Ric's Vintage Guitars
Perth, WA

Australia's Number 1 Vintage Guitar Dealer

Established in 1999 by Richard Zand-Vliet, we started selling vintage, rare and collectable guitars from home in those early days and in the initial days of the web is when we started our web presence. 

After a few years we moved from a home business to a shop in Fremantle where the business grew over many years. We have sold more than 4000 guitars during this time and sent them to more than 25 countries worldwide.

Sales have also been to a few guitar legends including Hank Marvin, Rick Springfield, Doug Fieger (the Knack) and Brian May (queen) to name just a few. 

After about 9 or 10 years we sold the business to another guitar affection-ado who also was called Ric. He took over the business from around 2009 till late 2018 or so, during this time Rics health had been shown some difficulties so I contacted Ric and offered to re-take over the business which we had initially started. So that takes us to now where we rebuilt the web site and started promoting Rics Vintage again, so basically, the original Ric (Richard) is back..!!  

Besides buying and selling vintage and rare guitars, amps etc, we also do Insurance Valuations both for private and insurance companies and restore vintage guitars etc.

Back in the saddle: so now were back and we've dedicated ourselves (with my wife) to the business and to assist those looking to either collect, invest or just to get a great vintage guitar.

Just a side note: sometimes you might inherit an old guitar or bass, it might be really dusty or dirty...my advice is to please, leave it as it is dirt and all, let me appraise it for you, just like in vintage cars, the dust matters sometimes and can add value to the instrument.

Richard (Ric).

Fender Kingman

Circa 1968

1964 Gibson SG Junior

Cherry Finish

Gibson ES-335 1970-72

Walnut Finish

Gibson ES-335 1979

2002 Rickenbacker Blue Boy 4003.

1982 Fender Jazz Bass

Rare Gold Finish

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Images © David Dare Parker & Martine Perret

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