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Otway Tonewoods

Growing up cutting timber for instruments with his father Murray, James Kidman has an intimate understanding for selecting and harvesting Tonewoods from the source.

Based in the Otway Ranges, Victoria, Murray and James selectively harvest timber using low-impact, sustainable methods, through their business Otway Tonewoods. They supply many local and international instrument makers including Maton Guitars, Cort Guitars, Scott Wise and more with Tonewoods, predominantly Blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon). With a background in Botany, Ecology and Conservation James has a keen interest in the sustainability of Tonewoods and the importance of product transparency in the musical industry.

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James will be speaking on Saturday 11 October in the Main Exhibition Hall as part of a panel discussion delving into the world of tonewoods.

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