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Graeme Dickinson
Margaret River, WA

In the 1970's I would go to bed on a Monday night with transistor radio listening to Peter Holland's blues show on 6WF. Wolf, Waters, Booker White. 


I have this clear memory as a 15 year old turning on a torch, writing in green pencil on the side of a bed side cupboard Loan me a Dime, the Boz version. The future was set.


Now days I have the luxury and the pleasure of going through phases playing electric, acoustic or resonator guitars. Which in turn informs what guitars I will take to the next gig. 


It’s all about the tone, the phrasing and the space between notes. It’s about letting go but being in control at the same time. A thing that cannot be taught rather gathered over time. 


What I aspire to have in my playing is the call and answer, a foundation that blues, jazz, soul and gospel is built upon.


If I could only have one guitar it would be a National Tricone, then again ask me again tomorrow and I’ll tell you something different

Enjoy Graeme Dickinson play his impressive collection of guitars solo at JahRoc Galleries during their “Get Uked” exhibition opening on Saturday 12th between 4 and 6.30pm.