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Calvin Plays
Perth, WA

Hi, I’m Calvin! I’m a musician based in Perth, Western Australia and have been obsessed with music for as long as I can remember. At the age of 3, I picked up the guitar. It could’ve been nature - with my Grandfather being a Bassist in the through the 1960s, supporting everyone from The Rolling Stones to The Searchers; and my father being a guitarist from his teenage years - or nurture - being surrounded with the music of guitar-bands like that of Queen, AC/DC and The Shadows - but regardless, I was hooked.

My father taught me the basics in my early years of playing: open chords, note positions etc. until he decided that he had ‘exhausted’ his teachings, having me start formal tutoring at the age of 5. Through tutoring, I gradually found my voice on the instrument, deriving inspiration from Blues and Soul music. While I was honing my craft individually, I hadn’t yet branched out into joining a band, or any ensemble for that manner, so my father and I began putting the call out to start a band.

This call eventuated into my duo, “Farraday’s Cage”, comprised of myself - initially playing solely guitar - and Farraday - handling the vocals. Starting with covers - as all bands do - we grew our combined musicality playing markets, taverns, telethons and even Police Commisioner’s Balls. Later, we both collaboratively started writing our first original songs and similarly to the guitar all those years ago, I became hooked on songwriting. 

Learning music production along with songwriting, “Farraday’s Cage”’s catalogue grew with the demos of songs that had been written by Farraday and I, seeping their way into our live sets. Now, 12 years after my journey with music started, my obsession manifested itself and expanded volumes, yet it has only just begun. My duo has played progressively larger scale gigs, recently supporting Australian act “San Cisco” at the Cockburn Arc (pictured above). Additionally, we have received two WAM Song of the Year awards for two tracks that I wrote and produced and received the Nannup Music Festival Emerging Artist Award for 2019. 

Solo, I have released music and grown a social media presence, mainly on Instagram, under the moniker “Calvin Plays”; providing another avenue to continue learning and to fall even deeper in love with music.

Calvin Plays


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